Your Mythic Journey

A 3-month mentorship program for uncovering your soul's purpose and sharing your gifts with the world - all with the help of ancient myths.

Adventure Is Calling...Will You Answer?

Hello and welcome! I’m so excited you’re here. The mythic forces that have led you to this page because you are ready to say YES! to adventure and live the life that you know is waiting for you. 

Up until this point you’ve been following the steps carefully laid out before you since college. But lately you’ve been thinking, is this even the path I want to take? You can sense that something inside you is restless, and you’re not doing what really lights a fire within you. 

You’ve spent countless hours trying to problem solve your way to clarity – making pro’s and con’s lists, asking friends for their ideas, thinking through so many different scenarios.

But none of it has worked. You feel FRUSTRATED. This should be easy! Figuring out what your purpose is should just be something you intrinsically know, right? You feel like you’re wasting time and you want to get to work now, but without really knowing the destination, how do you get there?

Or maybe you have a general idea of what you want to do, but it’s all foggy – like someone cast a spell on you. You are concerned about looking flaky and unconfident because each step you take you second-guess yourself.

Now, imagine that you had a clear awareness of your gifts, calling, passions, and purpose. Each day you jump out of bed ready to bring your vision into the world.

You have a comprehensive understanding of who you are, what drives you, and your values. You know instinctively when something is not a fit, and you pivot accordingly. Each day you take another step toward achieving your goals. 

But most of all, you feel at ease, happy, and fulfilled, knowing that you are living as the hero of your own story.

But how do you get to this point?

The Quest

Mythologist Joseph Campbell studied hundreds of ancient stories from around the world and over time noticed a common structure. 

The Hero’s Journey is an instantly recognizable archetypal story in which the hero prepares to leave their comfort zone behind because they are searching for something that is missing within them – a calling that needs to be explored. 

The hero embarks on a transformational journey, overcoming obstacles by learning to shift their mindset and embrace a new way of being.  

Finally, they return feeling more fully aligned and integrated, ready to share their gifts with the world.

In my personal mentorship program, YOU get to be the hero of your own story and embark on your own quest for self-discovery and fulfillment.



Your Mythic Journey

Myths, Fairy Tales, and The Path To Personal Transformation

In this unique 3-month program, we’ll combine momentum-generating action, self-discovery tools, mindset shifting strategies, and timeless lessons from the great stories to help you discover your purpose and achieve your dreams.


The modules described below will be broken down in an online course format. Each week you’ll receive videos, worksheets, and homework that will provide you with the strategies and the momentum to carry you through this program and beyond. Course content will be accessed in Thinkific.

number one

Preparing for the journey

Before you can embark on the mythic journey, you must first sever the dependent ties of the way things “were supposed to be” and embrace “what could be”. To do this, you need to connect with your inner child so you can pave the way for establishing a new more authentic identity.

number two

The Adventure

The journey begins as you start to go deeper and begin a dialogue with your soul. You develop a solid sense of who you are and an understanding of your unique gifts and calling. 

Next you’ll acknowledge your fears and learn strategies for shifting your mindset so that you can continue on your quest unburdened – letting go of what no longer serves you and making space for what does.   

Once you’ve slayed your mindset monsters it will be time to fill that space with self compassion and a connection to the ideas that excite you. It’s time to breathe fire into your passions and hone in on your soul’s purpose!

After embracing your purpose it will be time to write your new story! This is the part where you get to envision your new life – one that is holistically and authentically you. You are the designer of your dreams.

number three

Returning To Share Your Gifts

With a clear purpose you’re now ready to take clear action!  Together we’ll create a manageable plan for bringing that purpose to life. 

Momentum-generating action is key here. Since I know you are a goal-driven person, we’ll have benchmarks for each week and I’ll hold you accountable every step of the way so you can reach your goals.


We will meet weekly for our private coaching call. During the call we’ll discuss the content from the week’s module, your progress, and what struggles you’re working through. This is your opportunity to get support as I share strategies to help you uncover your purpose and share your gifts! Meetings will take place via Google Hangouts.

Why Storytelling?

Storytelling is a powerful tool for personal development. According to Lisa Cron, author of Wired for Story, stories allow us to have vicarious experiences and mentally rehearse how we would handle those similar situations in our own lives. They allow us to see new possibilities that we didn’t realize existed before. 

Psychologist Lani Peterson writes that studies have shown that cortisol, dopamine, and oxytocin are released in the brain when we’re told a story. These chemicals assist with the formulation of memories, keeping us engaged, forming deeper connections with others. All of this helps us retain the lessons that we are learning from these classic stories while fostering empathy and community in the process.

Stories allow us to go inward and reexamine are own beliefs and gain a deeper understanding of how others see the world. This opens us up to other points of view, allowing us to grow and evolve. (Source)

Myths & Fairy Tales

Each week I’ll share specially curated myths and fairy tales to solidify your learning and help you dive deeper into your own unconscious mind. Transformation occurs in the soul, and these stories will help you have a dialogue with your inner archetypes so you can have clarity in your conscious mind.

The World Needs Heroes Like You

You deserve to live a fulfilling life that brings you joy. Your stories / your art / your apps / your game-changing ideas have the power to enrich lives. Stepping into the unknown can be frightening, but if you summon the courage to take that first step, you’ll find that you’re never truly alone. I’d be honored to help you on your quest.

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