Working Together

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Hero Story Development

for About Pages, Bios, Speeches, and more...

The About page is THE most important page on your website.

This is where your clients decide if they have enough of a connection with you to take the next step toward working together.

For this page to be effective, it needs to be:

  • Relatable
  • Personality-driven
  • Captivating
  • Inspiring, and
  • Relevant

In other words, it needs to tell a story. And not just any story, your Hero Story.

Using Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey as a framework, and storytelling best practices, I will work with you to develop your Hero Story so it can be used as an About page, as well as repurposed for your social media bios, byline, speeches, and more.

How It Works:

Week 1

I’ll send you a detailed online questionnaire that helps you uncover the key elements of your Hero Story. Once you’ve submitted the form, I’ll review everything and create a basic outline of your story. We’ll hop on a call towards the end of the week to clarify parts of your story and dig a little deeper.

Week 2

I’ll spend the week writing your Hero’s Journey for your About Page, which can then be repurposed based on your needs.

Service Price: $150

Personal Brand Messaging

for Social Media Marketing and PR Outreach

Are you confused about how to market yourself online when you have multiple facets to your business?

You’re not the only one.

I see multi-passionate and creative entrepreneurs struggle with this all the time. Either they only post about one aspect of their business (and suffer because they want to express themselves fully but don’t know how), or they share about everything they do but it comes across as scattered and confusing to their audience.

Maybe you have experienced this too and are trying to break the cycle of dissonance and frustration.

I can help you craft a personal brand online that you’ll be proud to share with the world.  One that will build a trusting relationship with your audience and inspire you in return.

How It Works:

I’ll manage your social media accounts with my all-inclusive and thoughtful approach.

  • I’ll get to know your voice and write copy that resonate with your ideal clients
  • I’ll design clean and professional scroll-stopping post graphics
  • I’ll nurture your audience by responding to comments and encouraging conversation

Starting at $1,000/mo