The Power of Stories

How do you make sense of the world around you and your place in it? What challenges you to see things from a new point of view? What helps you relate to others on a deeper, more personal level?

The answer is stories.

Stories are tools for processing and experiencing challenging or unfamiliar situations so we can learn how to handle them in our own lives.

When we share stories, we gain much needed insight, empathy, and perspective. And when we begin to shift our perspective, our black and white way of seeing the world begins to fade as we open up to the beauty and possibilities of ourselves and the world around us.

The Hero's Journey Lead Magnet


How Myths Can Help Us
Lead Legendary Lives

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Archetypal Alchemy

Meet Your Inner Cast Of Characters

Archetypes are recurring characters in mythology, movies, folklore, and literature that embody certain instantly recognizable characters. For example, the warrior archetype is strong, courageous, and mission-driven. Hercules and William Wallace are examples. But they can also experience tunnel-vision and be careless with other people’s feelings and well-being in pursuit of their goals.

It’s important to recognize the archetypes that drive you, as well as the ones that you repress and the ones you haven’t activated yet. InĀ Archetypal Alchemy, we’ll uncover which archetypes are currently active in your life and how they are helping or hindering you.

In doing so, you can harness your gifts (and avoid your characteristic pitfalls) so you can move forward on your hero’s journey.

*Based on the groundbreaking work of Carol Pearson, Ph.D and Patricia Adson, Ph.D.


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