I help multi-passionate entrepreneurs build a presence online that supports their creative business.

The prevailing advice out there in the online marketing world is that you *MUST* niche down. You can only have *ONE* ideal client.

This works well for many entrepreneurs. But when you have a deep fire in your heart for more than one passion, restricting yourself like this creates a massive dissonance within you, so much so that it inhibits your ability to not only grow your business, but feel content and in flow while you’re doing it.

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur myself, I was faced with a big question:

How could I share all that I do with the world, without looking scattered, flaky, or confused? The answer, it turns out, was staring me right in the face.

I could tell them a story.

If you’ve been looking for permission to craft the business that actually matches your creative vision, consider this a bright flashing neon sign telling you to GO FOR IT.

It’s time to start building that audience that will be inspired by your work – and support you in return.