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Meet Your Mindset Monster: The Siren

The Siren Have you found yourself in dangerous waters? It could be because of the siren, and her tempting song of distraction. The siren is a dangerous creature from Greek mythology. Sirens would use their enchanting and magical songs to lure sailors to their deaths by causing them to crash upon the rocks. In The

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Flood Myths

The Great Flood. The gods hitting the “undo” button on humanity. Many cultures have myths that tell of a terrible flood that covered all the land and destroyed all life, except for one or two people and some animals, depending on the story. Are these stories cautionary tales to remind humanity to live responsible lives?

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Fire Thieves in Mythology

The gift of fire! How did humanity come to obtain it? In the following three myths, we learn how the gods interceded to gave us fire so we could live more comfortably – but at a cost. Jicarilla-Apache The Jicarilla-Apache tribe of Colorado and New Mexico tell a story about the origin of fire. Fox,

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