"Once Upon a Time..."

We’ve all heard these words before.  The iconic opening to countless fairy tales. They immediately draw us in and set the stage for the adventure to come. 

From the caveman days to the present, no matter the one thing that has never changed is our deep desire for human connection through story.

Stories pass down precious knowledge from one generation to the next. They instill in us cultural beliefs and values.

But more than that, stories affirm who we are, and that our lives have meaning. They lend perspective and demonstrate that we are most certainly not alone.

Story has been a driving force for me throughout my life.

becky sunshine

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved telling stories. When I was a girl I wrote Frankenstein fan fiction (monster stories are some of my favorites)!

In elementary school I competed in storytelling festivals in my hometown. I’d memorize a story, and then act it out in front of a room of my peers. I enjoyed putting my own twist on the characters’ voices and mannerisms. I especially loved being able to capture a room’s attention.

In high school I started to dive deep into film. During the summer I watched three films a day using the Netflix and Blockbuster DVD mailer program. I couldn’t wait for the next film to arrive in my mailbox.

Then in college, I majored in Cinema Studies and explored various genres and styles of film. I learned how master directors, screenwriters, and actors all come together to develop a theme and bring it to life on screen. I studied how they delivered their message using color, cinematography, pacing, dialogue, and silence.

Today my passion is myths, fairy tales, and monster legends!

My hope is that my work encourages people to awaken the hero within and lead their own legendary lives.

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