Creativity Coach

I help artists gain clarity and end self-sabotage so they can complete their creative projects and realize their vision.

You are a creative soul.
A visionary. A rebel.

You long to bring all of your creative ideas to life, but something keeps holding you back. You have a vision and a message that you are yearning to share, but you easily get overwhelmed and have trouble following through.

But here’s the thing – the world needs your art. Art has the power to heal, to provide much needed perspective, to inspire, and so much more. 

In short, your work can change the world.

But if it never sees the light of day, it’s simply an idea. It’s time to see your vision finally come to life. Let me show you how.

Creativity Coaching

Finally finish the creative project you've been dreaming about.

Maybe you can’t decide what to focus on so you never get started.

Maybe you start but your perfectionist tendencies have you tweaking and changing until it’s nothing like your original vision.

Maybe you finish your work of art, but you feel like an imposter and are uncomfortable with the thought of the spotlight on you so you never share it with the world.

No matter what’s holding you back or what stage in the creative process you’re in, I’ll help you kick self-sabotage in the go-nads so you can bust out that masterpiece that’s just waiting to be unveiled.

Ideal For:

  • Coaches
  • Filmmakers
  • Brand Designers
  • Photographers
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Authors


5 Storytelling Secrets to Creating Captivating Content Online

For Multi-Passionate and Creative Entrepreneurs who want to share their stories with the world.

"Becky not only had the expertise, but the patience to teach me how to use social media to expand our organization and presence. We were missing a huge part of our audience without investing in Pinterest, and we credit Becky with showing us the value and helping us catch up to where we need to be in order to take advantage of this platform. We strongly recommend working with Becky!"
Lauren Deaton
Nutritionist, Nutritional Wisdom

As a multi-passionate Creator myself, I know how difficult and frustrating it can be To Find Alignment With All Your Passions And Actually Manifest Your Creative Vision.

Storytelling, mythology, creativity, depth psychology… these are all subjects that light a fire within me. But I can’t imagine only incorporating one in my business.

In my experience, the problem is rarely a lack of inspiration, but rather having so many ideas that you are paralyzed by overwhelm. And when you do finally get started, you find yourself sabotaging your own efforts by giving in to your ego.

This is why I’m dedicated to supporting other creators through heroine story development and (coming soon!) creativity coaching – so that you can realize your creative vision and find happiness and fulfillment in your soul’s work. 

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If you’re ready to finally realize your creative vision, I’m here to help you on your quest. 

Let’s Do This.

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