Hi, I'm Becky!
I'm a Mythologist and Mentor.

I empower people to be the heroes of their own stories.

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How Myths Can Help Us
Lead Legendary Lives

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The Power of Storytelling

How do you make sense of the world around you and your place in it? What challenges you to see things from a new point of view? What helps you relate to others on a deeper, more personal level?

The answer is stories.

Stories are tools for processing and experiencing challenging or unfamiliar situations so we can learn how to handle them in our own lives.

They spring from what psychologist Carl Jung dubbed the collective unconscious. The collective unconscious is humanity’s shared soul. All our identities, values, hopes, fears, and desires arise from there.

This is why stories are so powerful. They are birthed from the collective unconscious that is imprinted in all of us, making them instantly and intuitively recognizable.

 When we experience stories, we gain much needed insight, empathy, and perspective. And when we begin to shift our perspective, our black and white way of seeing the world begins to fade as we open up to the beauty and possibilities of ourselves and the world around us.


Mythology & Mentorship

I'm Like The Merlin To Your Arthur (Minus The Long White Beard).

If you have heard your soul’s calling but are having trouble moving past inaction due to fear or overwhelm, the study of mythology can help you gain a new perspective, shift your mindset, and achieve your dreams.

MY MYTHIC JOURNEY is a unique 1:1 mythology-infused personal transformation program that takes you deep into the world of monsters, mystery, and self-discovery. By combining mythology and The Hero’s Journey with strategy and mindset work, you’ll gain the tools necessary to create a life you love.

The world needs heroes like you. Are you ready?

What We'll Cover:

  • The Hero's Journey
  • Symbols
  • Shifting Your Mindset
  • Archetypes
  • Generating Momentum
  • Crafting A Personal Mythology

My Passion for Storytelling

It started with my deep love for story. When I was a girl I would participate in local storytelling competitions. (I loved performing for an audience!)

In college I earned a B.A. in Cinema Studies where I learned about The Hero’s Journey and the art of filmmaking. 

In grad school I earned a M.S. in Marketing, where I learned how to combine creativity and strategy. 

Today I’m so excited to be diving into mythology and personal development and combining all my skills to help empower people to be the heroes of their own stories.  

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Story has the power to transform the way you see yourself and the world. Are you ready to begin your new journey?