Hi! I'm Becky and I'm a Storyteller.

My passion is exploring how stories have the power to inspire, delight, connect, and transform us.

The Power of Story

How do you make sense of the world around you and your place in it? What challenges you to see things from a new perspective? What helps you relate to others on a deeper, more personal level?

The answer is Story.

Story is a tool for experiencing and understanding ideas and situations that we struggle to make sense of with our conscious minds.

They spring from what psychologist Carl Jung dubbed the collective unconscious.  In Jung’s model of the psyche, he explains there is the conscious mind (ego), the unconscious mind (soul), and the collective unconscious. While a person’s unconscious mind holds all of the unexpressed sensibilities and sensations that have been repressed due to the societal role (persona) they’ve stepped into, the collective unconscious holds all of humanity’s identities (archetypes). The personal unconscious has a foundation built on our own individual experiences, while the collective unconscious is built on humanity’s – across time, culture, and geographic location.

This is why story is so powerful. It is birthed from the collective unconscious that is imprinted in all of us, allowing us to see and experience things in a profound and transformative way.

And when we can recognize that we are all connected, our personal problems suddenly become “figureoutable”, our black and white way of seeing the world begins to fade, and we open ourselves up to the beauty and possibilities of ourselves and the world around us.   

Mythology and Folklore Videos

A Modern Look at Classic Tales

Fairy tales, myths, legends, folklore… The great stories that have been passed down for generations have shaped how we view our role in society, our ethics, and even our popular culture. Together through videos and downloadable resources, we’ll explore what makes these stories so timeless, and the valuable lessons we can still glean from them today.

Topics To Be Discussed:

  • The Hero's Journey and the Jungian Individuation Process
  • Science Fiction and The Shadow
  • The Cinderella Complex
  • Goddess Lore and The Divine Feminine
  • Mythology & Philosophy
  • and more!

Personal Mythology Course

Embrace Your Journey and Follow Your Bliss

Are you feeling stuck or uninspired in your life? Reignite the passion within you by uncovering your heroic journey thus far and setting out on a quest of self-discovery and renewal.

What You'll Learn:

  • Which archetypes you are embodying
  • How to uncover and share your journey thus far
  • Goddess Lore, The Divine Feminine, and The Eleusinian Mysteries
  • How to create your new story and begin a new quest

RPG-Based Education for Girls

Role-Playing Games & Leadership Development

In role-playing games, players are able to create their own characters and dive into a fantasy world where they work together to battle ogres, save villages, and help those who are in need. In doing so, they learn creative problem-solving skills, build confidence, develop social skills, and more.

I am currently creating my own RPG system in order to foster girls’ leadership development and empowerment.   

Focus Areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Confidence-Building
  • Team Collaboration
  • Empathy & Insight
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Social Skills


5 Storytelling Secrets to Creating Captivating Content Online

For Multi-Passionate and Creative Entrepreneurs who want to share their stories with the world.

My Passion for storytelling.

My deep love for story started at an early age when I would participate in local storytelling competitions. I loved performing for an audience. In college I earned a B.A. in Cinema Studies at the University of Central Florida, where my favorite activity was peeling back the layers of plot and character development. After that my M.S. in Marketing from the University of Tampa enabled me to consider the strategic side of storytelling. 

Today I’m so excited to be taking everything I’ve learned. Using critical analysis and intentionally guided role-playing games, my vision is to foster a richer understanding of our culture, our shared humanity, and our own limitless potential.

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Story has the power to transform the way you see yourself and the world. Are you ready to begin this new journey?