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I am a transformational depth coach. I'll help you unite your unconscious and conscious selves so you can live a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

What story are you living?

Psychiatrist Carl Jung developed a model for the human mind and soul, called the Psyche. He theorized that there are three levels – the conscious mind (also known as the ego), the unconscious mind, and the collective unconscious. While the unconscious mind contains the motivation for our conscious thoughts and actions, the collective unconscious is comprised of shared human memory and concepts. They manifest themselves in art, mythology, dreams, movies, and stories as symbols and archetypes. 

If you want to understand yourself, it helps to uncover which archetype you are embodying (and what story you're living).

Maybe you’re the Caregiver, someone who finds satisfaction in caring for and nurturing others. 

Maybe you’re the Warrior, resolute in your convictions and courageous enough to stand up for your ideals. 

Perhaps you’re the Creator, someone whose mind is overflowing with ideas and innovative ways of carrying out your vision.

Maybe you’ve embodied all three of these archetypes at different times in your life, or express some aspects of each but not completely. There are 12 main archetypes and understanding which ones are most and least active in your life help give you the perspective and insight to live the life you desire that is truly aligned with you.

Archetypal Alchemy

1:1 Personal Story Coaching

Jungian depth coaching is an approach to personal development that incorporates story, the power of myth, narrative intelligence, creativity, symbology, and more to help clients through the process of individuation, or the unification of the unconscious and conscious selves.  

With 1:1 personal story coaching, we’ll go on a journey to uncover the archetypes and themes driving your thoughts and actions. You’ll learn how to shift into new perspectives and turn negative archetypal expressions into positive ones, awaken unrealized potential, embrace your gifts, improve your relationships with others, transition into new life stages and situations, and align yourself with your soul’s purpose so you can follow your bliss. 

Ideal For:

  • Coaches
  • Filmmakers
  • Brand Designers
  • Photographers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to understand themselves more deeply

The Creator's Quest

Group Creativity Coaching

Maybe you can’t decide what to focus on so you never get started.

Maybe you start but your perfectionist tendencies have you tweaking and changing until it’s nothing like your original vision.

Maybe you finish your work of art, but you feel like an imposter and are uncomfortable with the thought of the spotlight on you so you never share it with the world.

No matter what’s holding you back or what stage in the creative process you’re in, I’ll help you kick self-sabotage in the go-nads so you can bust out that masterpiece that’s just waiting to be unveiled.


Ideal For:

  • Coaches
  • Filmmakers
  • Brand Designers
  • Photographers
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Authors


5 Storytelling Secrets to Creating Captivating Content Online

For Multi-Passionate and Creative Entrepreneurs who want to share their stories with the world.

As a multi-passionate Creator myself, I know how difficult and frustrating it can be To Find Alignment With All Your Passions And Actually Manifest Your Vision.

Storytelling, mythology, creativity, dreamwork, depth psychology… these are all subjects that light a fire within me. But I can’t imagine only incorporating one in my business.

In my experience, the problem is rarely a lack of inspiration, but rather having so many ideas that you are paralyzed by overwhelm. And when you do finally get started, you find yourself sabotaging your own efforts by giving in to your ego.

This is why I’m dedicated to supporting others through transformational depth coaching – so you can realize your soul’s purpose and lead a fulfilling life.  

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If you’re ready to write your new story, I’m here to help you on your quest. 

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